Not a DoS attack :)

Since the initial flood, it has been determined that there was indeed no DoS attack – unless you consider skyrocketing popularity driven by TUAW and Digg to be a DoS attack (and it certainly looked like one!). Server response has somewhat returned to normalcy at this point since the initial 12-hour onrush, though things may … [Read more…]

Slow site performance

I would like to sincerely apologize to our end-users for any inconvenience this afternoon’s site disruptions may have caused. While reaction to our beta release has been extraordinary (both in terms of volume and positive response), our site came under DoS attack around 3:45PM ET this afternoon and has mostly recovered about two hours later. … [Read more…]

MediaFork 0.8.0 public beta 1 released

Old open source projects never die, they just get new names. We’re proud to announce the first public beta of MediaFork! Download MediaFork 0.8.0 Beta 1: Mac OS X (Universal Binary) Linux (CLI) Windows (CLI) Source (svn revision 298) We’re all very excited to get an application out there for the community to stress-test. It … [Read more…]

BeOS support officially discontinued

Unfortunately, MediaFork 0.8.0 will bring a formal end to support for the BeOS operating system. Having later morphed into ZETA, BeOS represented a best-in-class desktop system with cutting-edge innovations in its day (and was naturally suited for multimedia applications), but is no longer widely used or supported and is now considered deprecated within the MediaFork … [Read more…]

0.7.2 will be 0.7.1SE

To avoid confusion with possible future releases from titer, we have decided on the following: Our intended 0.7.2 release will be versioned as 0.7.1SE (Special Edition) It will not contain forward-looking changes as originally intended, but include only basic changes to titer’s 0.7.1 release adding support for iPod 640×480 (firmware 1.2+) output.

0.7.2 release delayed

Due to unexpected issues with memory management that were introduced with titer’s switch from libmp4v2 to libavformat for muxing post-0.7.1 (subversion revision 60, to be exact), our anticipated release of HandBrake 0.7.2 is being delayed while the problems are sorted out.

Moving forward

Welcome to the new HandBrake development and support site! It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally getting closer to having a new public release of HandBrake ready – nearly a year after the last release! This new release, 0.7.2, will feature full support for iPod videos at 640×480 in both MPEG-4 and H.264.