Public beta test

A public beta of MediaFork is available on the Download page.

Please visit our forums to report bugs, suggest features, ask questions, or join development. We are also available on IRC.

Private beta test

Our list of beta testers (who can be reached on the forum if necessary) is as follows:

kenthorvath (MacOS X Intel)
mk2000 (MacOS X PPC)
rdhender (MacOS X Intel)

Please note that users may not apply to be private beta testers – they are selected based on demonstration of technical knowledge, MediaFork familiarity and forum participation only.

Beta test binaries may be downloaded here and require a valid login and password.

Problem/reproducible bug reports may be informally submitted via forum and should be formally submitted via Trac.

You are welcome, of course, to create your own binaries from our subversion source code repository for local testing, but please do not distribute them. See the dev and FAQ pages for more information.