A very active development community exists for MediaFork.

Our list of developers (who can be reached on the forum if necessary) and some of their contributions/areas of specialty is as follows:

benlake (Mac OS X GUI)
chrislong (iPod firmware 1.2+ 640×480 MPEG-4/H.264 support)
dynaflash (Mac OS X GUI)
jbrjake (Core library, H.264 support)
johnallen (Core library, threading, simplified Mac OS X GUI)
maurj (AAC audio)
mirkwood (Windows CLI port)
prigaux (3rd party library integration)
rhester (Project organization and infrastructure)
sr55 (Windows GUI)

The following developer resources are available:


  • Ability to post news is available upon request

Discussion forum

  • Includes comments on development builds, questions about the sources, patch submissions, and problems building MediaFork


  • Free developer e-mail accounts at the domain (with an alias to for incoming mail), providing spam and virus-free, TLS/SSL-encrypted IMAP, POP, SMTP, and webmail services are available upon request to registered developers and beta testers only

E-mail distribution list

  • Opt-in distribution list for MediaFork developers, also our “public” e-mail address for registration on third-party sites

Subversion repository

  • SVN checkout of the current source tree is available to the general public as follows:
    • svn co svn:// MediaFork
  • Checkin access to svn is available upon request
  • Milestones of interest:
    • Revision 16: HandBrake 0.7.0 public release
    • Revision 33: HandBrake 0.7.1 public release
    • Revision 69: Last svn update at
    • Revision 70: First release to support 640×480 iPod output
  • Local svn statistics produced by StatSVN can be found here
  • Our Ohloh svn analysis can be found here

Trac software management system

  • Update capability within Trac (opening of problem tickets, updating of milestones, editing of the wiki, etc.) is available upon request

Beta test binaries

  • Downloads available only to registered developers and beta testers – please see the beta page for more details
  • Developers should FTP beta binaries to – if you are a registered MediaFork developer who has not received your FTP login and password, please contact me
  • FTP site structure (synchronized every 60 seconds):
    • LATEST – control file used by the automatic updater to determine current version
    • beta – contains beta test builds by platform
    • contrib – where the 3rd party support library source is drawn from by Jam (mirrored remotely)
    • release – local storage for public binary releases (mirrored remotely)


  • Complete, detailed logs are available for your review with your registered developer or beta tester login and password, provided by AWStats